speech choir piece

Speech Choir Piece

Arranged by: Donald T. Arquiza


Knapsack on back -Away we go
Baguio here we come
To the mountains an adventure
With birds, yellow tails and
Blue Tanager to the pinnacle we are
Overlooking the mountains,

with birds of wide spread wings
Man- O- War birds float on the flow of the unmoving wind
Blows to glide to the trees
A flock of birds, Boobies all float on a breeze
Free but hunted in that special place -so sad
The future is to hope that some of this beauty
Remains to be enjoyed by those who are not yet born.


O’ Wetlands! How I mourn for you,
Death is close at hand,
I am called many names,
Estuarine, mangrove swamp, marsh, bottomlands
And surrounded by mangrove forests,
With oysters stuck to my roots,
Fishes live and depend on me, to feed spawn and grow,
Crabs have homes, tunnels of holes around me,
Turtles pay a visit every year to lay,
And birds of green, little blue and yellow night herons
Reflect upon me.

I also help to protect you, I take in carbon and
Release oxygen for you to breathe
I function like a strainer and a sieve to filter pollutants
From the sea, making it safe for you to swim
I hear two thousand a new millennium
Will I be here for my eco-system and other sisters to survive and flourish?
I am now threatened. I have been cut I am bleeding
Garbage is dumped in and around me I cannot breathe
Filth- Sewage flows into me- I will become sick

Development hotels and airports are building around us
We are dying. Who are the powers that be? Does anyone care?
Will we be saved? Is it already too late?
I hope that we can be saved,
Because in saving us the benefits and gains are so rich,
That we can become millionaires together with MOTHER EARTH

Magical the sea – Within holds many secrets
Compelled by the gentle waves
A walk to become one with
The moon, skies and stars
My eyes open wide
An astonishing sight
A magnificent humongous shell
Is crawling toward me
I stand still, thrilled by
This captivating sight-
A leather back sea turtle
Come home to lay her eggs
This extraordinary beautiful night
What a sight – The memory is imprinted
Never to escape from my life


Nature no secrets she has-
Man and his technology
With his inventions to kill
Another spices extinct.
For I was alone- hunted till death
Earth’s creatures, open for invasion
Laws defiled -Speed and scent
Their weapons to escape
But with a frightening feeling
She no longer exists
My little ones will starve
No visions, they continue to invade
Are they never to learn?

The world is aging.

We have eyed the changes in climate;

Global warming,

The unpredictable attacks of natural calamity, and

The effects of these.

Are we not concerned of this?

Why blame the nature when it strikes in anger?

Why twist the story by considering ourselves as the victims, and not as the suspects?

Yes, we are.

We are victims of our own greed, of our own deed.

Who is to be blamed?



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